Zilola Saidova
Weddin croud / gypsylive, Bukhara
Little girl with water melon / gypsylive, Bukhara
Wedding Feast / gypsylive, Bukhara
Street barber. Kashgar
Girl in front of her door. Kashgar
Taking a nap. Kashgar, China
Having a lunch. Kashgar,China
Women waiting there bus.Kashgar, China
Old street in Kashgar
Old street in Kashgar
Men playing cards. Turpan, China
Mother with her child. Kyrgyzstan
Shade of mother and child
During Ramadan holidat. Kyrgyzstan
Girl with hawthorn. Tajikistan
Girl with her doll. Tajikistan
Boy amidst his home environment. Tajikistan
Girl in her home environment. Kazakhstan
Winter in Bukhara
Chor Minor. Bukhara
Winter in Bukhara
Chor Minor. Bukhara
Old City Street. Bukhara
Old man in mosque. Bukhara
Boy with traditional outfit during his circumcision feast. Bukhara
Muljar ceremony, which is popularly celebrated in Bukhara during Nowruz holiday and which comes every 12 zodiacal years.
Glance. Bukhara region
My Grandmother
Old WOman with a Traditonal Tea-Bowl. Tajikistan
OLd Woman. Bukhara Region
Old woman. Surkhondarya
Windy day. Surkhandarya region
Woman in front of Ark Citadel. Bukhara

Laugh.Surkhandaryo region
Gypsy man and woman

Gypsy courtyard. Bukhara region
Gypsy girl amidth her environement
Gypsy girl. Bukhara region
Old Gyosy women. Bukhara
Gypsy woman
At Gypsy wedding. Bukhara region
Old woman making well-wishes during cradle ceremony
Hanging laundry clothe
Jewish Groom. Bukhara
Jewish Bride. Bukhara
Jewish Groom and Bride. Bukhara
Old man enjoying drinking tea. Kashgar, China
Old Men during Feast
Rooftop of karavanserai. Bukhara
Shade of Gaukushon Minaret. Bukhara
Staircase in karavanserai in Bukhara.
View. Bukhara
Untitled. Bukhara
From series. Funeral ritual. Bukhara
From series. Funeral ritual. Bukhara
From series. Funeral ritual. Bukhara
Women going to traditional pre-wedding ceremony. Bukhara region
Street in old section in Bukhara
Shaking carpet after washing. Bukhara region
Turki Jandi Mausoleum
Street scene
An interview. Bukhara, Zirabod